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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What COVID-Safe procedures are in place at cinemas?

  • Capped cinema capacities in line with Government regulations.
  • Seating allocation will allow for groups & families to remain together and automatically distance from other bookings.
  • Hand-sanitiser at every point of service, and a dedicated hand-sanitiser station in every foyer.
  • Staggered sessions to reduce foyer congestion between screenings.
  • Increased contact surface cleaning.

Are there restricted capacities for cinemas? What social distancing is in place for cinemas?

Cinema capacities are capped in line with Government regulations, with staggered sessions to reduce foyer congestion between screenings. Seating allocation will allow for groups & families to remain together and automatically distance from other bookings.

How do I know if seating is allocated? Do I have to sit in my allocated seat?

When purchasing tickets online, over the phone or at the box-office, you will be asked to choose your seat. While online & phone booking will be preferred and prioritised, you can still purchase tickets at the bar and box office, but please note that due to limited capacity we may not be able to accommodate you into a session. Contact information will also be mandatory as part of the transaction – and you must remain in your allocated seats (friends and families can book to sit next to each other).

When will the festival open in Melbourne?

The 2020 ST.ALi Italian Film Festival Presented by Palace Melbourne dates will be confirmed as soon as cinemas can safely re-open.  In the meantime, exciting news for locked down Melburnians and those who can’t get to this year's festival: from Oct 15-21, exclusively on the new Palace Home Cinema platform, is IFF Piccolo: a taste of the 2020 ST. ALi Italian Film Festival for you to stream at home. Tix on sale Oct 8.

Where is my nearest cinema?

Click here to find out where the festival is playing near you.

Where can I find session times?

To view Cinema session times, select a city below. Please note that these are subject to change.

Sydney | Canberra | Adelaide | Perth | Brisbane | Byron Bay

How can I sign up to receive news about the festival?

Simply use the form in the sidebar or below to subscribe to our emails, sent directly to your inbox with all important updates and news surrounding the festival.

Why can’t I book sessions for multiple cinemas in the one transaction?

Currently, our website does allow for multiple tickets to be purchased for the same cinema site but does not allow for multiple sessions to be booked across multiple cinema locations. You will need to checkout when you have completed the booking for each cinema site to begin a new order.

How can I purchase a DVD box set?

You can purchase a previous festival box set via the Palace Shop here.

Can I use my Palace Cinemas complimentary ticket at the festival?

Palace Cinemas complimentary member tickets, and passes are not valid at the festival.

Can I use a Palace Cinemas gift card to purchase tickets?

Yes, gift cards are valid for you to use when purchasing tickets as a payment option.

How can I buy my tickets?

Festival tickets are available to purchase online, over-phone or at the cinema box-office.

Is there a Festival mobile phone app?

Our website is now mobile and tablet responsive and can be saved like an app to your phone. To do this, simply go to your phone’s menu when browsing our website and select ‘add to home’ or ‘home screen’. Once you’ve completed this the Festival icon will appear near your other apps for easy access.

Why am I charged a booking fee online?

Along with many other booking services in the entertainment industry, we charge a booking fee. Booking online means that you can avoid the queue and go straight to your cinema. Booking fees cover the costs associated with administration, as well as software development and maintenance. Booking fees do not apply when you buy tickets at the box office.

What time do the cinemas open?

They open 15 minutes before the first session of the day.

How do I make a group booking?

Click on the Group Bookings a tab in the navigation bar.

How do I get a print programme?

Our printed programmes are available at all cinema sites two weeks prior to the festival opening. We will also have a PDF version available for download here, or you can browse a digital version of the programme here

Do all films have English subtitles?

All films are played in their native language with English subtitles unless specified.

I no longer can attend a session I booked for, can I receive a refund?

All tickets are non-refundable as set out in the terms and conditions when purchasing tickets. Read festival terms and conditions on the venue information page for each city.

Sydney | Canberra | Adelaide | Perth | Brisbane | Byron Bay

I booked for the incorrect cinema location, how to I swap to the correct cinema?

All tickets are non-refundable as set out in the terms and conditions when purchasing tickets. If you booked for the incorrect cinema, you will need to contact the cinema location you booked for and explain what occurred. Cinema venue contact details are listed on the venue information page for each city.

Sydney | Canberra | Adelaide | Perth | Brisbane | Byron Bay

What is included in my event ticket?

Please check the event page for your city to find out the inclusions.

Sydney | Canberra | Adelaide | Perth | Brisbane | Byron Bay

How can I buy a festival multi-film pass for Adelaide or Perth and how does it work?

You can only purchase and redeem multi-film passes from the cinema box office. Multi-film passes are only available in Adelaide at Palace Nova and Perth at Luna Leederville, Windsor and Luna on SX. There are 5 or 10 film passes available, they are valid for one person and only the festival you purchase the pass for. Multi-film pass prices and purchase details are listed on the venue information page for Adelaide and Perth.

I have a child, can I bring them to the festival? (Classification Information)

Within the full-line up most films will have restrictions on whether you can attend with a child. The restrictions are set out by Australian Classifications guidelines.

Classification Information
Festival classification exemptions
Due to the time taken to process a classification, the Classification Board recognises that it is not possible for film festivals to only screen films that have been officially classified. Therefore, special exemptions apply to festivals. Unclassified festival ratings are as follows:

18+: Restricted to Adults
The majority of films at Palace festivals are Unclassified 18+. This is not the same as an R18+ rating, but it acts in a similar way – nobody under 18 (including infants) can legally attend a session with this exemption, even with a parent or adult guardian. One of the key differences between R and Unclassified 18+ is that the content will not be as per an R movie - it is only that it hasn’t yet been classified as suitable for anyone other than an adult audience.

15+: Mature Audiences
Some screenings are Unclassified 15+ including films that have been secured to screen in a festival’s kids or family sections. This is not the same as an MA 15+ rating, but it acts in the same way – nobody under 15 can legally attend such a session unless they are with a parent or reasonable adult guardian. In terms of content, the age range for these films varies, but generally the content includes mature themes. Please see the age recommendations each festival has listed on the film in its program as guidance. If there is no specific recommendation we strongly advise for only children aged 15+ to attend with their parent or adult guardian.

Entry into all festival screenings is at the discretion of Front of House at each venue.
Regular Classifications
The Classification Board generally classifies all films screened in a cinema for a public audience. This is the process that gives films the classification rating that most people are familiar with:
G : General Viewing
No legal restrictions.
PG: Parental Guidance Recommended
No legal restrictions, but parents are encouraged to make a judgement call.
M: Mature Audience Recommended
Not recommended for people below 15-years-old but no legal restrictions apply.
MA 15+: Mature Audiences Only
Not suitable for people below 15-years-old and people under 15 cannot legally attend unless accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.
R 18+: Restricted to Adults
Not suitable for people below 18-years-old and people under 18 cannot legally attend even if with a parent or adult guardian.

CTC: Check the Classification/ Restricted to Adults    
While a film is getting officially classified by the Classification Board the film will be listed as CTC until it receives its classification. Unfortunately, until it receives official classification the festival will require that these films remain restricted to adult-only audiences.

Please note: All classifications and exemptions are age restrictions that are set by the Classification Board and the festival must legally adhere to them.

How can I submit a film for consideration?

If you have a film which you believe should be considered for next year's festival please contact us here - Please note to be considered the film must be an Australian premiere film.

I would like to volunteer at a festival, who can I contact?

If we require volunteers we will announce it on our Facebook prior to the festival beginning. Please be sure to follow our Facebook page if you would like to be considered if the chance arises.

eTicket Bundle FAQs

How does the festival eTicket bundle work?

Information about how to redeem eTicket bundles can be found on the eTicket bundle page.

Where can I access my eTickets after purchasing?

When booking online, find your purchased eTickets loaded under the Member Tickets Tab on film ticketing pages. Alternatively, you can use your tickets at the box office, simply provide your Membership card, and request the use of your Member eTicket.

Where can I see how many Member eTickets I have left?

You can check how many you have left via the Member Portal.

How many eTickets can I redeem per session?

Members can redeem up to 2 eTickets per film session.