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At the fictitious ‘University of Borbona’ in ‘Sicula’, Sicily, nepotism reigns supreme. It is an establishment where teachers sell exams, and hire only their friends and relatives. The University Dean, played by Luca Zingaretti (Perez IFF15), allows all manner of wheeling and dealing from students, in order to attain good grades. It’s far from meritocracy or a quality education. 

TV comedian Roberto Lipari makes his big screen debut as Roberto, the Dean’s son and a student at the university, who flies through classes with top marks thanks to his father. No student can overturn the status quo, until Roberto decides to go against his family. With the help of his friends he fights the system and creates a revolutionary smartphone app which allows students to evaluate their professors, thus inverting the balance of power.

Based on news items, friends’ stories and the screenwriter’s personal experience as a university assistant, director Gianni Costantino’s second feature film LetsCleanApp is an intelligent comedy about favouritism and corruption featuring a spirited cast.

Boasts an excellent cast of Sicilian theatre actors.
Australian Premiere
Comedy | Italy | 2019 | 92 min
Italian with English subtitles
Gianni Costantino
Luca Zingaretti, Roberto Lipari, Monica Guerritore


Gianni Costantino headshot

Gianni Costantino

Born in 1971 in Caserta, Italy, Gianni Costantino graduated from the University of Bologna at the ‘DAMS’ institute, then worked as a music video director. This is his second feature film as director after his comedy Ravanello pallido (2001). In the intervening years Costantino worked as assistant director for Daniele Luchetti, Sergio Rubini, Ficarra and Picone, on films including La Nosta Vita (IFF10) and It’s The Law (IFF17).